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Eating Disorders

"I'm, Like, SO Fat!" Helping Your Teen Make Healthy Choices about Eating and Exercise in a Weight-Obsessed World
Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

Dr. Dianne Neumark-Sztainer shows parents how to strike the difficult balance between bolstering self-esteem and offering constructive advice.

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50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food
Susan Albers

A collection of mindfulness skills and practices for relaxing the body in times of stress and ending your dependence on eating as a means of coping with difficult emotions.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Eating Disorders
Emily K. Sandoz Ph.D., Kelly G. Wilson Ph.D., Troy DuFrene MA

This professional guide offers a review of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) as a theoretical orientation and presents case conceptualizations that illuminate the ACT process.

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Anorexia Workbook
Michelle Heffner, Georg H. Eifert, Kelly Wilson

This is the only book available that addresses the particular needs of anorexics with the techniques of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), a revolutionary new psychotherapy.

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Appetite Awareness Workbook
Linda W. Craighead

This book offers an eight-week, cognitively based program to help you learn to pay attention to hunger cues, keep track of your feelings about food, and develop an eating schedule that discourages binge eating.

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Binge-Eating Disorder
James E. Mitchell, Michael J. Devlin, Martina de Zwaan, Scott J. Crow, and Carol B. Peterson

Session-by-session guidelines address how to help individuals or groups change their eating behavior, cope with emotional triggers, restructure problematic thoughts, deal with body image concerns and associated problems, maintain improvement, and prevent relapse.

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Biting Anorexia A Firsthand Account of an Internal War
Lucy Howard-Taylor and Sharon Hodgson

So begins Biting Anorexia, an extraordinary account of a teenage girl's descent into the tortured existence of anorexia and her arduous, remarkable recovery.

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Body Image Workbook, 2nd Edition
Thomas F. Cash, Ph.D.

This workbook offers a clinically tested program to help you transfor your relationship with your body. Making extensive use of user-friendly "helpsheets," the author shows how to evaluate a negative body image and much more.

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders
Christopher G. Fairburn

This book provides the first comprehensive guide to the practice of "enhanced" cognitive behavior therapy (CBT-E), the latest version of the leading empirically supported treatment for eating disorders.

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Deadly Diet, 2nd Edition
Terence J. Sandbeck, Ph.D.

Offering proven cognitive behavioral techniques, this book's self-help program teaches effective coping strategies in three areas: stress reduction, behavior changes, and cognitive change.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Bulimia
Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher Ph.D., Michael Maslar Psy/.D.

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Bulimia offers new and healthy ways to overcome the distressing feelings and negative body-image beliefs that keep you trapped in this cycle.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Binge Eating and Bulimia
Debra L. Safer, Christy F. Telch, and Eunice Y. Chen Foreword by Marsha M. Linehan

This groundbreaking book gives clinicians a new set of tools for helping people overcome binge-eating disorder and bulimia. It presents an adaptation of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) developed expressly for this population.

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Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful
Susan Albers

The workbook is organized around the seven skills of mindful-eater-awareness: observing, being in-the-moment, acceptance, letting go, non-judgment, and mindfulness of the environment. Each worksheet is one to two pages.

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Eating Disorders and Obesity Second Edition
Edited by Christopher Fairburn and Kelly D. Brownell

This unique handbook presents and integrates virtually all that is currently known about eating disorders and obesity in one authoritative, accessible, and eminently practical volume.

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Eating Mindfully How to End Mindless Eating & Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food
Susan Albers

This book introduces and adapts the concepts of mindfulness and acceptance to the observation and management of eating habits.

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Eating the Moment
Pavel G. Somov

Eating the Moment offers 141 mindfulness activities to help you listen to your body, understand why you're eating, and control your cravings if you're eating out of habit or because of your emotions.

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Fat: A Fate Worse Than Death?
Ruth Raymond Thone

Using statistics, research, anecdotes, and personal experiences, Fat - A Fate Worse Than Death? explores how appeararance standards have built a prison for women. With the book's helpful advice, reading suggestions, and you will learn to express your rights and needs, regardless of your shape or size, and tear down those prison walls.

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Feeding the Starving Mind
Doreen Samelson

If you're ready to stop letting your eating disorder run your life, Feeding the Starving Mind can help. As you work through the program in this book, you'll discover the source of your eating disorder, identify the compulsive thoughts that contribute to it, and take steps toward developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

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Feeling Good about the Way You Look
Sabine Wilhelm

Self-assessment tools help readers understand their problems and decide whether they should be evaluated for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a severely distressing level of dissatisfaction with one’s body.

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Handbook of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity
Jelalian, Elissa; Steele, Ric G. (Eds.)

Now, in one comprehensive, easy-to-access volume, the Handbook of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity reveals the scope of the problem in terms of its psychological burden, its health consequences, and the available prevention and treatment options with the most current empirical and clinical knowledge available.

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Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder
James Lock and Daniel le Grange

Based on new research, Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder shows how parents can break the disorder's control over their child's mind and re-establish normal eating and family relations. The odds for full recovery drop precipitously if treatment is delayed.

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Males with Eating Disorders
Edited by Arnold E. Anderson

This is the first book to chart this seldom documented territory. It investigates the range of human needs that contribute to eating disorders, includes personal identity, body image, gender identity, gratification and impulsiveness, guilt, and even the physical demands of one's profession.

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My Life as a Male Anorexic
Michael Krasnow

My Life as a Male Anorexic beings to shed light on the little-known or discussed problem of male anorexia nervosa. It is an autobiogrphical account of a young man's ongoing struggle with anorexia.

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Obesity Game
Isabelle Streng and A.M. Stradmeijer

The game educates participants about food facts, metabolism and dieting and addresses challenging emotional issues related to denial and shame.

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Self-Help Approaches for Obesity and Eating Disorders
Edited by Janet D. Latner and G. Terence Wilson

With contributions from leading authorities, this timely professional resource critically examines available self-help treatments for weight problems and obesity, binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, and body image disturbances.

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Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders
Edited by Mark F. Schwartz, Sc.D., and Leight Cohn, M.A.T.

This is the first book to fully explore the complex relationship between sexual abuse and eating disorders. This book encompasses the compelling writings of 26 specialists who thoughtfully consider the numerous questions surrounding this controversial topics.

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Sexual Anorexia
Hazelden Publishing

Product Code:  9781568381442 Price:  $16.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

The Bulimia Workbook for Teens
Lisa Schab LCSW

The Bulimia Workbook for Teens presents 42 exercises that will help you end the chaos of bulimia so that you can focus on becoming the person you really want to be. These exercises teach skills for overcoming bulimia based in cognitive behavioral therapy, a kind of therapy that psychologists use and research has shown really helps.

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The Intuitive Eating Workbook
Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

Do you use food to comfort yourself during stressful times? The Intuitive Eating Workbook offers a comprehensive, evidence-based program to help you develop a healthy relationship with food, pay attention to cues of hunger and satisfaction, and cultivate a profound connection with your mind and body.

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The Overworked Person's Guide to Better Nutrition
American Diabetes Association

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Treating Bulimia in Adolescents
Daniel le Grange and James Lock

An indispensable clinical resource, this groundbreaking book is the first treatment manual to focus specifically on adolescent bulimia nervosa.

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Treatment Manual for Anorexia Nervosa
James Lock, Daniel le Grange, W. Stewart Agras, and Christopher Dare

This practical manual offers a step-by-step guide to the treatment of anorexia nervosa in adolescents.

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What's Eating You? A Workbook for Teens with Anorexia, Bulimia, and other Eating Disorders
Tammy Nelson

What's Eating You? helps teens develop the self-esteem and self-acceptance that so often eludes girls with eating disorders.

Product Code:  75-6072T Price:  $19.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Working with Eating Disorders and Self Esteem
Dr. Alex Yellowlees

Low self esteem is associated with a wide range of psychological problems. However, it is in eating disorders that the fundamental relationship between self-concept and dysfunctional behaviour is prominently displayed.

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Working with Groups to Explore Food & Body Connection
Edited by Sandy Stewart Christian, M.S.W.

This resource explores mental, physical and spiritual issues related to eating and self-care. It helps participants explore sources of food conflict and negative body images, gain self-respect and self-acceptance and find lasting solutions to weight problems.

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Working with Groups to Explore Food & Body Connection MASTERS
Sandy Stewart Christian

Masters to Working with Groups to Explore Food & Body Connection book. Book must be purchase with masters.

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