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Bereavement, Grief & Trauma

55 Healing Activities for Children Game Book
Lawrence E. Shapiro Ph.D.

Children who have suffered trauma and loss need compassion, understanding, and counselors that can help them cope with ongoing stress while they heal from past hurts.

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A Child's View of Grief
Companion Press

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Attending to the Fact – Staying with Dying
Hilary Elfick and David Head

This inspirational collection of poetry explores one of the most difficult and painful subjects to make sense of in writing - what it is like to care for the dying and the dead.

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Being Mindful, Easing Suffering
Christopher Johns

Chris Johns describes how he has combined traditional medical, and more reflective models in his palliative practice, enabling him to work mindfully to alleviate physical and non-physical pain and suffering throughout the health-illness cycle.

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Bereaved Children and Teens
Earl A. Grollman

This resource is a comprehensive guide to helping children and adolescents cope with the emotional, religious, social, and physical consequences of a loved one's death.

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Bereavement & Loss Training Manual
Alice Goodall, Tim Drage & Gillian Bell

This resource outlines a comprehensive yet flexible program that can be used by both the professional trainer and the less experienced course leader.

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Bereavement and Support Healing in a Group Environment
Marylou Hughes, L.C.S.W., D.P.A.

Addressing the basis and need for support groups for the bereaved, this book presents a theoretical overview, examines the benefits and variety of support groups (structured and unstructured, special populations), and the specifics for initiating, organizing, and running them -- such as publicity, facilitator recruitment/screening and objective/subjective skills, screening of participants, and individual/group goal-setting.

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Beware the Grieving Warrior A Child's Preventable Death. a Struggle for Truth, Healing, and Change Larry Hicock
ECW Press

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Broken Heart Still Beats
Anne McCracken and Mary Semel

There are few, if any, events in life as traumatic, heart-wrenching, and crushing as the death of a child. While nothing can mute the pain of such a life-shattering loss, others who know this experience can help those suffering articulate the chaos of their feelings and see that they can, eventually, feel whole again.

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Caring for Your Grieving Child
Martha Wakenshaw

The book offers healthy ways to communicate with children, tips on how to care for yourself while helping a child, and ways to recognize the signs children exhibit when they truly begin to heal.

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Children and Grief
William Worden

Children and Grief will advance the reader's understanding of the impact and needs of children who have had a parent die. The author goes beyond simply sharing the results of a longitudinal study, which in itself would be helpful. He also identifies those most at risk, and discusses models for interventions. -Donna L. Schuurman, Ed.D., Executive Director, The Dougy Center for Grieving Children, Portland OR

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Children and Trauma
Cynthia Monahon

This resource teaches professionals and parents about the effects of tramatic situations that might occur to children. Be it a car accident, an earthquake or flood, undergoing a frightening medical treatment. This guide offers a blueprint for restoring a child's sense of safety and balance.

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Companioning the Grieving Child
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781617221583 Price:  $29.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Finding the Words
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781617221897 Price:  $14.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy
J. William Worden

In this updated and revised fourth edition, Dr. Worden presents his most recent thinking on bereavement drawn from extensive research, clinical work, and the best of the new literature.

Product Code:  79-1 Price:  $49.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Grief Education for Caregivers of the Elderly
Junietta Baker McCall, DMin

Through firsthand accounts and research, this informative guide focuses on the education, training, and support of individuals who care for the elderly. It provides caregivers with methods to cope with grief and loss and will help educators design programs that meet the needs of the patient, families, friends and service providers.

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Grief Game

This game is an excellent learning tool that can help to remove some of the taboo surrounding death and can help children realize that other children, and adults, experience similar reactions.

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Grief's Courageous Journey
Sandi Caplan

If you're grieving a loss, this book takes your hand and guides you, at your own pace, along the path of your own healing journey.

Product Code:  75-0172 Price:  $16.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Grief, Bereavement and Change
Penny Casdagli and Francis Gobey

This resource will show you how to deal with loss in an open, uninhibited way throught a series of experiential, drama-based workshops.

Product Code:  66-7 Price:  $49.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

GriefWork Group Starter Card Game
Fran Zamore, LISW, IMFT and Ester Leutenberg

This card pack is designed for facilitators to use with clients when discussing the grieving process. The 81 cards correspond to activities in the book GriefWork - Healing From Loss. Kick-start a session with questions on the cards or use them as an activity during a session.

Product Code:  85-GriefWork Group Starter Card Game Price:  $19.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

GriefWork Poster

This powerful 18" x 24" visual aid hanging in your office can generate discussion and help clients identify the emotions they are experiencing during their grieving process. Clients will recognize that their emotions may vary week to week and it is possible to experience many different emotions at the same time. This can be very empowering on their road to recovery. The drawings are amusing, yet clearly illustrate the various emotions participants encounter on their road to the New Normal.

Product Code:  85-GriefWork Poster Price:  $19.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Griefwork Companion
Fran Zamore, LISW, IMFT and Ester Leutenberg

The GriefWork Companion—Activities for Healing was developed to help adults who are grieving heal from their losses. The GriefWork Companion contains worksheets, quotations, educational and journaling pages. It is a user-friendly book and self-help resource. We live in a society where people are expected to get over their loss quickly and we understand this is not realistic. We know there are many ways that people grieve and we support each person’s right to grieve in an individual and unique fashion.

Product Code:  85-9781570252402 Price:  $29.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Griefwork: Healing from Loss
Fran Zamore, LISW, IMFT and Ester Leutenberg

GriefWork - Healing from Loss is for therapists, counselors, group facilitators, and other professionals working to help grieving people heal from their losses. The handouts guide clients through stages of shock, disorganization, reorganization, and a New Normal, a term to convey that everyone's grief has a unique expression and is that particular person's “normal”. Clients are encouraged to deal with sorrow, express feelings, share with peers, develop internal and external support systems, accept, adjust, and move forward. The book helps leaders understand and empathize, and teaches participants to heal and grow.

Product Code:  85-9781570252273 Price:  $49.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Grieving Mindfully
Sameet M. Kumar

The book offers readers ways to cope with the events and situations that trigger personal grief by using mindfulness exercises and radical acceptance, a concept that encourages the experience of grief rather than its denial.

Product Code:  75-4011 Price:  $15.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Healing Your Grieving Heart
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781879651258 Price:  $11.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781879651234 Price:  $11.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Healing a Grandparent's Grieving Heart
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781617221972 Price:  $11.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Healing a Spouse's Grieving Heart
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781879651371 Price:  $11.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Healing the Bereaved Child
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781879651104 Price:  $39.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Healing the Empty Nester's Grieving Heart
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781617222504 Price:  $11.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Helping Bereaved Children
Nancy Boyd Webb

This resource presenting a range of intervention approaches from counseling to therapy, full-length clinical examples illustrate treatment strategies for working with children at various developmental stages and with different kinds of bereavement.

Product Code:  67-25 Price:  $49.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Helping Children with Loss Storybook & The Day the Sea Went Out and Never Came Back Guidebook
Margot Sunderland

Storybook and Guidebook set. Includes what children themselves have said about what it is like for them, what they have felt struggling with the too difficult feeling and what they have done because of it.

Product Code:  86-68Set Price:  $49.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Helping Kids Heal Book with CD

This unique volume contains 75 "tried and true" activities to use with school-age children after an acutely traumatic event - such as a natural disaster or accident - or in response to the chronic trauma and loss experienced by children living in at-risk communities.

Product Code:  101-22011 Price:  $49.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Helping Kids Manage Grief, Fear, and Anger
Terri Akin * David Cowan * Susanna Palomares * Dianne Schilling

This timely book contains effective experiences for helping children understand and cope with three intense emotions which, left unmanaged, can lead to deep psychological disturbances and/or inappropriate acting-out behaviors.

Product Code:  61-11651 Price:  $39.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Helping Teens Work Through Grief
Mary Kelly Perschy, M.S.

This manual is written for adults who are looking to connect with grieving teens. The activities will give you structure to enable teens to reflect upon and talk about their individual concerns.

Product Code:  82-34 Price:  $49.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Honoring Grief
Alexandra Kennedy MA, LMFT, Stephen Levine

This special book is filled with inspirational wisdom, practical self-help for healing, and makes a meaningful and comforting gift.

Product Code:  75-9781626250642 Price:  $16.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

If Nathan Were Here
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Product Code:  9780802852359 Price:  $10.00 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

In the Presence of Grief
Dorothy S. Becvar Foreword by Pauline Boss

Illuminating the impact of loss and grief on our psychological and emotional lives, this book provides vital guidance to ease painful transitions and facilitate healing.

Product Code:  67-9377 Price:  $29.00 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Life After Trauma Second Edition
Dena Rosenbloom, PhD and Mary Beth Williams, PhD

This supportive workbook helps trauma survivors find and use crucial skills for coping, self-understanding, and self-care.

Product Code:  67-29 Price:  $19.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Living Through Loss
Fay W. Jacobsen, Margaret Kindlen, and Allison Shoemaker

This resource aims to provide a complete program to train people who are expected to support others experiencing bereavement and other emotional trauma.

Product Code:  82-10 Price:  $79.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Living with Grief: After Sudden Loss
Edited by Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D.

This book examines the subject of abrupt, unexpected death and its effects on and implication for the survivors left behind. Topics covered include: heart attack and stroke, vehicular crashes, suicide, violent death, disaster, the military and complicated grief, and treatment methods for traumatic loss.

Product Code:  82-51 Price:  $35.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Living with Grief: Who We Are, How We Grieve
by Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D. and Joyce D. Davidson

This volume examines the ways in which these key aspects of identity affect how individuals grieve. Specifically explored are the effects of such variables as culture, spirituality, age and developmental level, class and gender on the ways individuals grieve.

Product Code:  82-44 Price:  $39.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Loss, Change and Grief
Erica Brown

This work aims to explore experience of loss, change and grief, and foster positive attitudes towards teaching and learning about these issues.

Product Code:  82-41 Price:  $39.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Nearing Death Awareness
Mary Anne Sanders

This sensitive and informative book will make fascinating reading not only for anyone who is likely to accompany a dying person, but for anyone with an interest in spirituality.

Product Code:  80-857-3 Price:  $29.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Perspectives on Loss: A Sourcebook
John H. Harvey

Losses are integral to the human experience, but they sometimes unfold in subtle ways. Loss is not just about death, but can encompass a number of situations, such as those gradual losses experienced by the elderly: loss of vision, mental capacity, or hope. Intended to stimulate ideas and research in the new area of psychological aspects of loss, this sourcebook collects the writing of a set of distinguished scholars representing psychology and related fields.

Product Code:  82-43 Price:  $39.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Pet Loss and Human Emotion
Cheri Barton Ross, MA and Jan Baron-Sorensen, RN, MA, MFCC

This unique guide is written for all professionals helping clients deal with the loss of a pet and serves as a practical introduction to the field of human-animal bonding.

Product Code:  82-36 Price:  $29.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Postcolonial Grief
Duke University Press Books

Product Code:  9781478002932 Price:  $23.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Remembrances and Celebrations
Edited by Jill Werman Harris

This is a collection of powerful and inspirational responses to loss and to the age-old impulse to honor and memorialize the uniqueness of each human being.

Product Code:  62-14 Price:  $39.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Resiliency After Violent Death: Lessons for Caregivers DVD

The purpose of this program is to provide clinicians, social workers, clergy and caregivers engaged in long term support with families after a violent death, helpful strategies to diminish the emotional distress of violent dying bereavement.

Product Code:  98-9 Price:  $110.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Resolving Grief Volume 3 QuietMind Series

Resolving Grief is a compassionate guide for anyone who has experienced a loss.

Product Code:  101-AAG-1782 Price:  $39.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Saying Good-Bye to the Pet You Love
Lori A. Greene

In this book readers will find validation for their grief, come to understand their human-animal bond, and master solid tools to help them through the grieving process.

Product Code:  75-3074 Price:  $14.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Speaking of Dying A Practical Guide to Using Counselling Skills in Palliative Care
Louis Heyse-Moore

Louis Heyse-Moore draws on his wealth of experience as a trained counsellor and palliative medicine specialist. Covering difficult subjects such as breaking the news of terminal illness to a patient, euthanasia and the effect of working with patients on carers, Speaking of Dying is a practical guide to using counselling skills for all clinical disciplines working in palliative care, whether in a hospice, hospital or at home.

Product Code:  80-678-4 Price:  $39.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Spiritual Lives of Bereaved Parents
Dennis Klass, Ph.D., Wester University, St. Louis, MO

This book describes how parents lose, find, or relocate spiritual anchors after the death of their child. It describes how ordinary people reconstruct their lives after their foundations have shifted, how they reconnect after one of their primary attachments has been lost, and how they make sense of their world after one of their centers of meaning has been removed.

Product Code:  82-92 Price:  $49.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Student Dies, A School Mourns
Ralph L. Klicker, Ph.D.

The book not only examines and explains the grief reactions of students and school staff members and the factors that affect these reactions, it also provides a systematic guide for developing a death-related crisis response plan.

Product Code:  82-93 Price:  $49.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Surviving the Death of Your Spouse
Deborah S. Levinson

This book proposes a three-step model for understanding and adjusting to life after the loss of a spouse.

Product Code:  75-3775 Price:  $17.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Talking with Children and Young People about Death and Dying
Mary Turner

The pain of bereavement for a child or young person is often compounded by the nature of the relationship they had with the person who has died, the circumstances of the death, and by practical worries about the present and the future. This workbook will help you to explain death and dying.

Product Code:  82-20 Price:  $49.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

The Companioning the Grieving Child Curriculum Book
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781617221859 Price:  $29.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

This Incomplete One Words Occasioned by the Death of a Young Person Michael D. Bush

Product Code:  9780802822277 Price:  $16.00 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life

Product Code:  9781635901238 Price:  $16.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Treating Psychological Trauma and PTSD
Edited by John P. Wilson, Matthew J. Friedman, and Jacob D. Lindy

This volume presents an innovative psychobiological framework for understanding and treating PTSD.

Product Code:  67-77 Price:  $50.00 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents
Judith A. Cohen, Anthony P. Mannarino, and Esther Deblinger

This is one of the first books to present a systematic treatment approach, grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy, for traumatized children and their families.

Product Code:  67-3084 Price:  $45.00 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

What Really Happens When You Die?

Product Code:  9781784284565 Price:  $9.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

When Your Pet Dies
Companion Press

Product Code:  9781879651364 Price:  $9.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

When a Community Weeps:
Ellen S. Zinner, Psy.D. & Mary Beth Williams, Ph.D.

The goal of this book is to explore how communities rebound, reflect, and recover from the events they have experienced. Building upon these accounts, the volume then discusses strategies to assist grieving communities heal and bring closure. Each chapter presents a specific traumatic event or series of events and gives perspectives on how these events affected the individuals involved as well as the community as a whole.

Product Code:  82-42 Price:  $79.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Why Did You Die?
Erika Leeuwenburgh, Ellen Goldring

Why Did You Die? offers exercises that help children understand death better; cope with sadness, anger, and fear; and develop self-care skills.

Product Code:  75-6041 Price:  $16.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Winning at Loss ®

This therapeutic and educational board game is designed to help guide children through their grief.

Product Code:  688-2 Price:  $49.99 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Yoga for Grief Relief
Antonio Sausys MA, CMT, RYT, Lyn Prashant PhD

Yoga for Grief Relief combines over 100 illustrations of gentle yogic poses and the power of psychophysiology and neuroscience to help you recapture a true sense of well-being.

Product Code:  75-9781608828180 Price:  $21.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart      

Yoga for Grief Relief
Antonio Sausys MA, CMT, RYT, Lyn Prashant PhD

Yoga for Grief Relief combines over 100 illustrations of gentle yogic poses and the power of psychophysiology and neuroscience to help you recapture a true sense of well-being.

Product Code:  75-9781608828180 Price:  $21.95 Qty:          « Add to Cart