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Working with Groups to Explore Food & Body Connection MASTERS

by Sandy Stewart Christian

Masters to Working with Groups to Explore Food & Body Connection book. Book must be purchase with masters.

Full Description:   

Reproducable Master Worksheets
to use as handouts to accompany the
activities presented in the book!

These masters are 8 1/2 X 11
which makes it easy to copy
for homework asignments or to
use during the group activity!

Book must be purchase with masters. Everything you need to plan a program, make a presentation, create and conduct a workshop, or lead a support group.

This resource explores mental, physical and spiritual issues related to eating and self-care. It helps participants explore sources of food conflict and negative body images, gain self-acceptance, develop healthy eating and self-care patterns, and lasting solutions to weight problems.

With step-by-step instructions for each exercise, complete with lecture notes and group activities, 36 mix and match field tested exercises to fit your audience and time frames that are ready to duplicate.

    Highlights from this book are:
  • 7 lively Icebreakers to introduce the issues and the audience
  • 9 motivational Food and Eating Issues exercises, include fun, practical ways to learn about hunger, nutrition basics, psycholocical components of eating, and strategies for transforming unhealthy eating patterns
  • 7 intriguing processes for exploring various dimensions of Body Image and Movement -- from identifying favorite body parts to assessing exercise needs to sensory awareness to attitude readjustments
  • 6 provocative experiences that challenge Cultural Stereotypes and Personal Attitudes about body size, weight, and attractiveness
  • 7 lively Group Energizers to spice up your presentation and demonstrate key points

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