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Art of War: A Graphic Novel (The)

by Tzu, Sun (Author), Katz, Pete (Illustrator)

An entertaining graphic adaptation of the oldest military treatise in the world.

Full Description:   

Hailed as the oldest philosophical discussion on military strategy, Sun Tzu's The Art of War has been adapted as a graphic novel ... the narrative focuses on a teacher instructing a pupil on the main points of Sun Tzu's treatise, with vibrant battle scenes interspersed throughout. Issues such as planning, tactics, maneuvering, and spying are demonstrated in the full-color scenes, so that readers can envision how military goals are achieved using principles from the fifth century BC<P>

0.7" H x 9.6" L x 7.4" W (1.3 lbs) 128 pages

Sun Tzu (544 B.C.-496 B.C.) was an ancient Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher from the Zhou Dynasty, who has had a significant impact on Chinese and Asian history and culture, both as an author of The Art of War as well as through legend. Contributor Bio: Katz, Pete Pete Katz is a half-Irish, half-Greek illustrator born in the East End of London, UK. He has been a freelance illustrator for over ten years and has worked for clients including Oxfam, Harvey Nichols, and the British Museum. He is a member of the international Bad Apple Artist Collective and produces portraits and other commissions, as well as working on graphic novels.

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