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A Bold New Approach To Addiction and Recovery
by Erica Spiegelman, Marsha Stone


Full Description:   

A counselor at one of the most innovative and renowned drug and alcohol treatment centers in the world, Erica Spiegelman brings a level of understanding and sensitivity in <b><i>Rewired</i></b> to the struggle against addiction gained through years of experience.</div> <! /posstatement > <b>A REVOLUTIONARY NEW APPROACH TO ADDICTION RECOVERY FROM AN ADDICTION EXPERT</b><br> &nbsp;<br> <i><b>Rewired </b></i>is a new, breakthrough approach to fighting addiction and selfdamaging behavior by acknowledging our personal power to bring ourselves back from the brink. Centered on the concept of selfactualization, <i><b>Rewired</b></i> will guide you towards not only physical sobriety, but a mental, emotional, and spiritual sobriety by learning to identify key principles within yourself, including authenticity, honesty, gratitude, and understanding a need for solitude.<br> &nbsp;<br> <i><b>Rewired</b></i> addresses the whole self; just as addiction affects every part of one’s life, so too must its treatment. By helping us to build a healthy space to support our own recovery, we can rewrite the negative behaviors that result in addiction. Usable in conjunction with or in place of 12step programs,<i><b> Rewired</b></i> allows for a more holistic approach, helping to create a personalized treatment plan that is right for you.<br> &nbsp;<br> Each section in <i><b>Rewired</b></i> includes:<br> &nbsp;<br> Personal anecdotes from the author’s own struggles with alcoholism and addiction<br> Inspiring true success stories of patients overcoming their addictions<br> Questions to engage you into finding what is missing from your recovery<br> Positive affirmations and intentions to guide and motivate<br> &nbsp;<br> With all the variables, both physical and emotional, that play into overcoming addiction, <i><b>Rewired </b></i>enables us to stay strong and positive as we progress on the path to recovery. <i><b>Rewired</b></i> teaches patience and compassion, the two cornerstones of a new, humanist approach to curing addiction. Remember, addicts are not broken people that need to be fixed—they just have a few crossed wires.

144 Pages

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