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E-Textbook Measurement of Joint Motion: A Guide to Goniometry 5th Edition

by Cynthia C. Norkin PT, EdD D. Joyce White PT, D.Sc

Measure joint range of motion with the manual that set the standard.

Full Description:   

Measure joint range of motion with the manual that set the standard. Here is all of the guidance you need to identify impairments successfully and assess rehabilitation status effectively. Thoroughly updated and revised to reflect today’s most current and complete research, the 5th Edition of this classic book retains the unique features that have set this manual apart as the reference of choice. For each measurable joint in the body, you’ll find a consistent, easy-to-follow format and exceptional photographs that depict range of motion and alignment, making it easy for you to visualize the examination and technique for each joint motion and muscle length test.

592 pages

Contents Part I: Introduction to Goniometry and Muscle Length Testing Chapter 1: Basic Concepts Goniometry Kinematics Arthrokinematics Osteokinematics Planes and Axes Range of Motion Active Range of Motion Passive Range of Motion Hypomobility Hypermobility Factors Affecting Range of Motion Muscle Length Testing Chapter 2: Procedures Positioning

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