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Nursing 2025-2026 Drug Handbook Edition: 45

by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

THE #1 Drug Guide for nurses & other clinicians… Aways dependable, always up to date!

Full Description:   

The #1 Drug Guide for nurses and clinicians . . . always dependable, always up to-date!

Now in its 45th Edition, Nursing 2025-2026 Drug Handbook delivers the most current nursing focused information on more than 3,600 generic, brand-name, and combination drugs in an easy-to-use A-Z format.

  • → NEW! Includes 24 brand-new FDA-approved drugs—tabbed and conveniently grouped in a handy “NEW DRUGS” section for easy retrieval
  • → NEW! Thousands of clinical updates—new dosages and indications, FDA boxed warnings, genetic-related information, adverse reactions, interactions, nursing considerations, clinical alerts, and patient teaching information
  • Special focus on U.S. and Canadian drug safety issues and concerns
  • → Thoroughly updated appendices covering indications and dosages for numerous classes of drugs
  • → Plus FREE access to these additional resources available on Lippincott NursingCenter® at
  • Monthly FDA updates and news
  • Newly approved drugs
  • New indications and dosages
  • Drug warnings
  • Drug news abstracts
  • Medication safety information
  • Types of medication errors, including causes and common errors
  • Preventing and reducing medication errors
  • Reporting medication errors
  • Real-life stories of medication errors

    Edition 45 ISBN/ISSN 9781975217112 Product Format Paperback Book Pages 1680 Publication Date May 17, 2024

    • Complete monographs on 690 drugs focusing on key drug information nurses need to know:
    • Available forms Indications & dosages (with dosage adjustments for special populations)
    • Administration (all applicable routes covered)
    • Mechanism of action
    • Adverse reactions Interactions (drug-drug, drug-food, drug-lifestyle)
    • Effects on lab test results
    • Contraindications & cautions
    • Pregnancy-lactation-reproduction concerns
    • Nursing considerations
    • Patient Teaching Prominent logos for clinical alerts, FDA boxed warnings, overdose signs & symptoms, genetic implications, look alike-sound alike drugs
    • Special tabbed section featuring 21 New Drugs
    • 27 handy appendices covering:
    • Drug safety and error prevention
    • Drug lists grouped by therapeutic class and other categories (antidiarrheals, antidotes, biologicals, laxatives, ophthalmics, vaccines, vitamins & minerals, OTCs, combination drugs, less commonly used drugs)
    • Drug schedules (U.S. and Canada)
    • Medication decision tree, drug monitoring guidelines
    • Photoguide insert featuring 415 full-size pill images

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