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From Prevention to Wellness Through Group Work

by Joan K. Perry, DSW

This volume offers a rich collection of ideas on social group work practice, providing a well-grounded integration of philosophy and theory with creative groups programs and activities.

Full Description:   

Offering some of the most advanced thinking and practice in the arena of social work with groups, From Prevention to Wellness Through Group Work synthesizes the discussions and findings from the Annual Symposium of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups (AASWG). Gathered here are different ideas, techniques, and research (with a focus on prevention) for group work with seniors, adults, teens, and children. With a mix of authors from social work academia and practice, this book gives you groundbreaking theoretical pieces as well as emerging skills and techniques in group work. If you attended the conference you will refer to this book as a guide to the information presented. If you were not in attendance you need this book to discover what you missed!

The two primary chapters in From Prevention to Wellness Through Group Work provide a look into constructivism and the power model and the empowerment approach as a paradigm for international social work practice. Other pertinent topics you learn about include:

  • conflict management in group treatment
  • a social skills program for emotionally disturbed children
  • bullying and scapegoating in groups
  • groups for persons who have experienced transplants
  • groups for persons with AIDS
  • the intersection of different realities in the group setting
  • using poetry to revive traditional practice methods, theories, and values
  • mutual aid, democratic participation, power sharing, and consciousness raising

    From Prevention to Wellness Through Group Work also shows you how group experiences prevent breakdown and encourage wellness for older adults in senior centers and retirement communities; the definition, scope, and usefulness of psychoeducational groups; how group-based methods can enrich research; and how monitoring group practice can strengthen your effectiveness and credibility. You'll find the book's consistent focus on prevention while providing ways to improve both group work practice and research through cooperative efforts most helpful.

    190 pages; 6 X 9;hard bound

    Constructivism, Power, and Social Work With Groups

  • The Empowerment Group: The Heart of the Empowerment Approach and an Antidote to Injustice
  • Groups for the Socialization to Old Age: Prevention of Breakdown and Development of High Level Wellness Within Senior Centers and Residential Retirement Communities
  • Psycho-educational Groups: A Model for Recovery and Celebration of the Self
  • Conflict Management in Group Treatment: "Get Out of My Face, You S.O.B.!"
  • Research and Groups: A Mutual Aid System?
  • Bullying and Scapegoating in Groups: Process and Interventions
  • Helping Long Term Homeless Men Regain Their Personhood Through Social Group Work
  • Developing Social Skills Programs for Children With Emotional Disabilities
  • Group Work Education and the CSWE Curriculum Policy Statement: Capitulation or Coexistence?
  • Poetry in Motion: A Self-Directed Community Group for Homeless People
  • Beauty in the Beast: Social Group Work With the Elderly Mentally Ill
  • Reconfiguring Group Work Services With People With AIDS
  • Post-Transplant Group . . . Five Years On
  • Reference Notes Included.

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