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Guide to Creative Group
Programming in the Psychiatric Day Hospital
by Lois E. Passi, LCSW

This book introduces you to new and unique methods on how to create or manage groups for a day hospital, inpatient unit, or intensive outpatient program to best meet the needs of your patients.

Full Description:   

Unlike any other text that discusses day hospital programming, A Guide to Creative Group Programming in the Psychiatric Day Hospital is the only book that contains protocols for the creation of new groups, saving you the time and effort needed to create one yourself. This book introduces new and unique methods on how to create or manage groups for a day hospital program, inpatient unit, or intensive outpatient program. Intended for social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapists, it also includes exercises that address the topics of motivation, self-esteem, shifting cognitive distortions, and risk taking in relationships.

The protocols in the handbook contain detailed example activities complete with worksheets, skits, sample discussions, and hypothetical patient reactions to certain topics. Many exercises request that the patient set goals for themselves before starting a new topic. In addition, there is suggested homework for the patient to complete after a topic has been discussed, allowing you to monitor what your patients have learned and how they have improved after the exercises.

After reading A Guide to Creative Group Programming in the Psychiatric Day Hospital, you'll be ready to treat your patients using easy, effective methods that will lead to successful group discussions and lessen the chance of patient relapse.

260 pages; 6 X 9;soft bound

The Groups in Alphabetical Order
    Chapter 1: How to Use This Book
    A note about creativity
    Standard activities
    Therapeutic themes
    Chapter 2: Theory and Technique: The Context for Creative Groups
    Theoretical orientations
    Applying theories to group work: an example
    About movie groups
    Chapter 3: Beginning the Day
    Chapter 4: Relapse Prevention
    What is relapse prevention?
    Creating the support team
    Hospitalization review
    What's in a hospital
    Crisis game
    A note about skits
    Crisis skit
    Chapter 5: Goal Setting and Support
    Five day project creation/review
    The mountain exercise
    Chapter 6: Cognitive Restructuring
    Shades of Gray ... and more: Exploding dichotomous thinking
    The blue care syndrome
    Singing in the rain: From adversity to advantages
    Murphy's law revisited
    Chapter 7: Activities of Daily Living
    The balancing act
    Chapter 8: Social Skills
    Soothing the savage beast
    Impromtu speaking
    Stating your case
    The party
    Goup artictry
    Conflict resolution
    What's wrong with this pricture
    Chapter 9: SOcialization
    Close encounters
    Relationships and risk
    Blind picture
    The size of the world
    The wall
    Chapter 10: Self-Esteem
    Cinderella: Hourney toward self-esteem
    Driving miss daisy: accepting support
    Rewriting your life
    Chapter 11: Motivation
    Beyond survival: Creating a life worth living
    The perils of oz
    Potraits of courage
    I'm looking for yoda
    Against all odds
    The captain of the ship
    Gratitude: The healing ground
    Awakening to joy
    Chapter 12: Affective Issues
    Nothing more than feelings
    Mania and joy
    Self-Expression game
    Chapter 13: About Exercise
    Chapter 14: Versitility
    Old maid with a twist
    Games made therapeutic
    Balloon frantix: Adapting therapeutic games
    Birthday wall: Adapting therapeutic games
    Making sense of our senses
    Chapter 15: Ending the Day

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