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Creative Music in Groupwork

by Christopher Achenbach, BA

This inspirational and practical manual which offers both skilled and unskilled practitioners numerous ideas for music groupwork activities.

Full Description:   

Music groupwork is a therapeutic approach that can be enjoyed by adults of all abilities in any setting. This unique handbook contains practical ideas for instrumental, vocal and listening activities, ranging from basic directing gesters, clapping and free improvisation to chanting. As well as listing the resources required, each activity contains step-by-step instructions, useful tips and suggestions for development.

A special section of this essential manual pays attention to groups with particular needs, such as elderly peropel and those with learning disabilities. There is also a list of useful contacts, making this an essential resource for anyone interested in pursuing music groupwork with their clients.

Sample Activity: Bounce

    Resources: None
  1. Darken or black out the room.
  2. Sit in a circle. You could ask people to close their eyes.
  3. Ask group members to make up short/sharp/surprising (but not necissarily loud) vocal sounds. Ask the group to listen for and respond to others' sounds, 'bouncing' them round the group.
  4. People can share their impressions afterwards
    Tip: Some people may just want to listen at first.

  1. Try voices and instruments together.
  2. Try an instrumental sound and a vocal response, or vice versa.
  3. Move on to 'Mountain Tribes' (page 42) or 'The Jungle' (page 43).
  4. Try "Mouth Music' (page 74).

    Relevant creative/interactive skills
  • Choosing a sound; being spontaneous; listening and sharing

132 pages; 8 X 9;spiral bound

  1. Thinking and Planning
    Why Music?
    Creative and interactive skills
    Planning and running a group
    You the facilitator
  2. Activities
    Warm-up: Basic
    Warm-up: instrumental
    Warm-up: vocal
    Warm-up: listening
    Core activity: instrumental
    Core activity: vocal
    Core activity: listening
    Closure: instrumental
    Closure: vocal
    Closure: listening
    Closure: reflection and planning
  3. Ideas and Skills to Enhance your Work
    Developing an instrument collection
    Adapting instruments for maximum effectiveness
    Making instruments
    The supporter's role in improvisation
    Creating a large-scale piece
    Arranging music from scratch
    Developing skills of direction
    Music and other art forms
    Using recording and multitrack equipment
    Using video resources
  4. Particular Needs
    Adults are not children
    Working with elderly people
    Working with people with a learning disability
    Working with people with mental health problems
    Working together: music in the community
  5. Resource and Contacts
    Further reading
    Recording music
    Equipment suppliers and dealers
    Training and information
    Music, video and the law

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