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Moving On Up! Surviving School Transition for 10- to 12-Year-Olds


Full Description:   

For many primary schools, getting children to think about the practicalities of moving up to secondary school and to discuss their hopes and fears for this transition is challenging. Resources are limited and preparation mostly consists of inter-school visits or a 'question and answer session and usually the children sit quietly and say nothing' (Newbottle & Charlton C of E School).

Moving On Up! Surviving School Transition for 10- to 12-Year-Olds is the only resource where the issues and challenges involved in moving schools can be explored and discussed in the format of a board game. Developed and trialled by the East End Education Action Zone in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Director Tim O'Grady comments, "I was delighted to see the game published. I think its strength comes from its evolution in practice over a number of years in schools in Newcastle. It really gets to the heart of moving on to secondary school; issues and concerns - yes, but also about being prepared for the change of culture and experience."

This revolutionary resource has had an enthusiastic response from both students and teachers: 'We all feel the game was a great success. The teacher put it into her plans as a PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) lesson. I feel this game has not only taught the children about life in secondary school but about working as part of a team,' (Newbottle & Charlton C of E School).

In the words of the children:

  • 'I thought the game was good, I did not dislike any of it. It was good because we answered questions that we really didn't think about in real life and some we answered were like, what do you do if someone bullies you and what do you do if your friend has an asthma attack.'
  • 'I like this game because it basically gives you an idea of what to do if you are facing this challenge in secondary school so you don't mess it up and get into trouble. It teaches you partnership and understanding.'

    The game includes four sets of question cards covering motivation, solution, school and responsibility, and is suitable for two to six players.

    The object of the game is to collect 25 counters and for all the players to get to school.

    The game is cooperative - there is no individual winner, either everyone wins or everyone loses.

    The questions encourage the pupils to share ideas and work out strategies.

    After two or three games with the teacher, the students should be encouraged to play the game themselves to further develop independence and teamwork.

    For students facing the move to a new and bigger school, forewarned is forearmed and increasing their confidence will ensure effective KS2-KS3 transition and help to prevent the 'learning dip'. Designed for the PSHE section of the English National Curriculum, as well as the schools' partnership objectives for Year 6 to Year 7 transfer, 'Moving On Up!' is a welcome and much-needed resource for teachers, educational psychologists, education welfare officers, teaching assistants and SENCOs.

    1 game board, 4 sets of 20 cards, 6 character game pieces, 1 die, 1 timer, 50 counters in a bag + instruction card, boxed

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