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Creative Writing in Groupwork

by Robin Dynes, Counselor

This book is designed to assist everyone involved in groupwork to use creative writing in an effective way.

Full Description:   

This book is designed to assist everyone involved in groupwork to use creative writing in an effective way. The exercises are planned to help participants express themselves, increase perception, explore situations, compare ideas and develop imagination and creative ability.

While they are ideal as source material in the context of therapy, personal development, teaching or growth, the exercises can also be used purely for enjoyment or to promote writing as a hobby.

Each activity is clearly explained and laid out so that the group leader can see the procedure at a glance. In addition exercises are conveniently grouped for easy identification of subject matter.

Sample Activity: A Private Person

Participants write about the private side of themselves-the side no one sees. Is it a secret self which resists probing? Does it hide fears, thoughts loves, hates which cannot be shared? How different is that person to the one presented to the world? Does the private self feel different from the public person? Encourage participants to write about at least one thought, fear, love or belief which they have never shared before.

How did everyone feel about revealing something private? Why do fears, emotions, thoughts and feelings become buried and impossible to discuss? Share experiences. Can sharing the private person help others understand? Is it appropriate to share everything about yourself with everyone?


    Participants write about:
  1. The part of themselves shared with a few - or just one - close friend
  2. The part of themselves shared with acquaintances
  3. The part of themselves shared with work colleagues
  4. Being alone. What it means to them. How they cope and how they feel about it
  5. Being with other people. What part does this play in their lives? Is it important? Do they need other people? If so, is this from choice or dependence?

Combine the described exercise with alternatives (1) (2) and (3), allowing participants a few minutes only to write on each. Do the same with alternatives (4) and (5).

154 pages; 8 X 9;spiral bound





  1. A Guide to Creative Writing in Groupwork
    - Purpose
    - Breaking down barriers to writing
    - Selecting the exercises
    - The discussion after reading
    - Assessment of progress
    - A wider audience
  2. General Themes
    - Freeflow
    - Experiences
    - Contrasts
    - Conflicts
    - Anecdotes
    - What do you see?
    - Important places
    - All about...
    - Emotions and moods
    - Interviews
    - Every picture tells a story
    - Solve a problem
    - First experiences
    - The five senses
    - Puzzler
    - A sense of place
    - Journeys
    - Changes
    - Meeting the unknown
    - Secrets
    - Choice
    - Interpretations
    - Editorial
    - News and views
    - Symbolism
    - Impromptu themes
    - Diaries
    - Sharing knowledge
    - Pot-pourri
  3. Inspiring the Imagination
    - One beautiful morning
    - Beginning sentences
    - Tall stories
    - Fantasy wish
    - High in the sky
    - Shape of things to come
    - Story in a bag
    - Marrooned
    - Fanstasy journey
    - Picture stories
    - Picture frame stories
    - Historical farce
    - Castaway
    - Familiar places
    - Improbable Situations
    - Nonsense essay
    - Traits
    - The conspirators
    - Conversations
    - Doors
    - Growing
    - Problem and objective
    - A different perspective
    - Story-line
    - Disaster
    - Obsessions
    - Proverbs
    - Sticky situations
    - Story endings
    - Surprise
    - Modern fairy-tales
  4. Exploring Relationships
    - Choosing friends
    - First impressions
    - Behavior
    - Making friends
    - Role changes
    - Being responsible
    - Visits
    - Social settings
    - Listening
    - Hostilities
    - Interaction
    - The family
    - Opposing views
    - Attitudes
    - Suppressed words
    - Body language
    - Communication
    - Family viewpoints
    - Manipulation
    - Childhood memories
    - Master and servant
    - First meetings
    - Thank you
    - Filling a space
    - Inheritance
    - Speaking out
    - Making decisions
    - Disappointment
    - Risks
  5. Developing Awareness
    - A day in the life
    - Grafiti
    - Leaving and arriving
    - Good turns
    - Positive and negative
    - Mountain
    - Looking into the future
    - Buildings
    - Appraising people
    - Reporter
    - Search
    - Portraits 1
    - Portraits 2
    - Memorabilia
    - Conflicting interests
    - Opposing emotions
    - Life journey
    - Color
    - Adverts
    - Differences & Similarities
    - With these hands
    - A Private person
    - Wounds
    - Eulogy
    - Images
    - Through other eyes
    - Interruptions
    - Running away
    - Voices
  6. Producing a Magazine or Newspaper
    - Benefits
    - The group leaders' commitment
    - Choice of approach
    - Counting the cost
    - For whom are you writing?
    - Visiting a publisher
    - Decisions to make
    - Some more questions to answer
    - Advice, support and encouragement

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