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Treating Young Veterans Promoting Resilience Through Practice and Advocacy

by Diann Kelly, PhD, LMSW (Editor) Sydney Barksdale, PhD, JD (Editor) David Gitelson, PhD, LCSW (Editor)

This professional and clinical resource examines the concerns, needs, and strengths of young servicemen and women who repeatedly transition between active duty to civilian life.

Full Description:   

This professional and clinical resource examines the concerns, needs, and strengths of young servicemen and women who repeatedly transition between active duty to civilian life.

A unique and timely resource, it covers an array of important topics concerning these young veterans, including health and mental health issues, homelessness, employment, education, family stressors, and more. It is an ideal resource for military social workers, psychologists, and other mental health professionals, as well as social service agents and VA administrators.

    Key Topics:
  • The impact of combat trauma Family strengthening strategies against domestic violence, addictions, and divorce
  • Special issues faced by young female veterans •Career and vocational counseling for young veterans
  • Policy and advocacy for young veterans
  • Strategies for aiding, supporting, and engaging young veterans

250 pp., Softcover

  • Introduction: Today's Young Veterans - A Resilient Community Diann Cameron Kelly
  • Part I - Assessment & Practice Approaches to Promote Resilience in Reintegration David Gitelson and William Valente
  • Chapter 1 Identifying and Assessing Contextual Challenges and Opportunities for Young Veterans Diann Cameron Kelly
  • Chapter 2 The Intersection Between War Theater and Home Environment: Protective Factors to Mediate Healthy Reintegration Alissa Mallow, Brenda Williams-Gray and Jonathan Alex
  • Chapter 3 Trauma and the Combatant Life Cycle: Treating the Developmental Course of PTSD Post-Deployment Thomas Quinn and Elizabeth Quinn
  • Chapter 4 The Burden of Combat: Cognitive Dissonance Among Iraq War Veterans Wayne Klug and Anne O'Dwyer
  • Part II - Outreach & Practice with Specialized Communities Sydney Howe-Barksdale and William Valente
  • Chapter 5 Homeless Veterans Who Served in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Wesley Kasprow and Robert Rosenheck
  • Chapter 6 Issues for Returning Veterans and their Families in Hispanic Communities: Implications for Outreach and Practice Magaly Freytes, Elizabeth Hannold and Constance Uphold
  • Chapter 7 Living in Transition: Young Veterans' Health and the Post-Deployment Shift to Family Life Kristy Straits-Tröster, Jennifer Gierisch, Patrick Calhoun, Jennifer Strauss, Corrine Voils, Harold Kudler
  • Chapter 8 The Homecoming Experiences of Young Veterans: supporting a Successful Transition & Reintegration Donna Caplin and Katharine Kranz-Lewis
  • Chapter 9 Veterans'-by-Proxy: A Review of Literature of the Vicarious Impact of War on the Children of Veterans Diann Cameron Kelly and Shari Ward
  • Part III - Advocacy & Policy Practice to Promote Young Veterans' Well-Being David Gitelson and William Valente
  • Chapter 10 Managing the Return of Young Veterans to the Workplace: Opportunities for Vocational Counseling Joan DeSimone and Christina Harnett
  • Chapter 11 Ensuring Equality After the War: Providing Parity in Health Care Among Veterans Across Service Categories Christina Hartnett and Lt. Col. Michael Gafney
  • Chapter 12 The 21st Century Veteran and the 19th Century Pension Code: Why the VA Claims Process is a Failure Thomas Reed
  • Epilogue Aiding, Supporting & Engaging the Young Warrior Diann Cameron Kelly, Sydney Howe-Barksdale and David Gitelson

    PREORDER April 2011

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