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Case Material & Role Plays in Counseling Training

by Janet Toland & Susan Lendrum

This long awaited answer to the demand for an accessible and practical guide for trainers and educators. It offers help in designing a course and ideas for livening group sessions, with clear explanations of why, when and how to use case and role play material.

Full Description:   


This book gives down-to-earth examples taken from real life to help the trainer turn theory into practice.

Part I describes how case material and role play can form part of an overall training program and offers step-by-step instructions on how to use or adapt them. Part II comprises over 250 case vignettes and role plays and is further divided into two sections. The first covers core relationship skills such as beginnings and endings, empathy and ethical issues. The second covers practical issues such as loss and bereavement, sexuality and depression. Part II is cross-referenced so that readers looking for particular materials can select them according to: the work setting of their client group; the age of their client group; the stage of the relationship; the focus of counseling.

The Following is taken from Part II of "Case Material and Role Play in Counseling Training"

    Part II contains a range of material which can be simplified, expanded and adapted according to the learning needs of your own group. Any of the resource materials can be used as the basis for discussion, or role play, or both.
    The most common form is when the reader is put into the role of counselor or helper and the material describes what the counselor sees of the client's world for example:

  • You are a helper at a center for disabled children. Seamus's mother, Mrs. S., ... appears uncharacteristically dishevelled. You want to be understanding and when you reach out to her, tears come to Mrs. S.'s eye.
    This we have called the base form. It invites the course member to imagine himself/herself within a helping or counseling relationship and enables him/her to consider not only the client information but also his own inner responses and the constraints and possiblilities of his own workplace.

192 pages; 7 1/2 X 9 1/2;soft bound

Part I Using the Material

  1. Why Use Case Material and Role Play in Counseling Training?
    • Rational
    • The importance of empethy
    • The importance of trainee self-awareness
    • The importance of course member's responsiblity for learning
    • The importance of trainer-course member relationship
    • The importance of equal opportunities
    • The elements within a training cource
    • Conclusion
  2. Case Material: Purposes and Procedures
    • Purposes of case meterial
    • Uses of case material in developing empathy
    • Procedures for case material
  3. Basic Role Play: Purpose and Procedure
    • Purpose of role play
    • Projected and personal role play: Participant roles
    • Procedure for basic personal role play
    • Development of personal role play as training progresses
    • Procedure for basic projected role play
    • Tutor observation
  4. Role Play Variations
    • Demonstration fishbowl
    • Group and linked role plays
    • Variations on the variations
    • Conclusion
  5. Adapting Case and Role Play Materials
    • Introduction
    • Levels of training
    • Use of key questions for different objectives
    • Altering the complexity of the material
    • Adapting for different work contexts
    • Equal opportunities or difference and discrimination
    • Conclusion
    How to use Part II
    Materials Reference Table
  • Section A Core Relationshop Skills
  • Section B Practice Themes
  • Categories across sections A and B
    Section A: Core Relationship Skills Material
  • A1 Core Conditions: the basis for trust
  • A2 Developing the relationship
  • A3 Beginnings and endings
  • A4 Ethics and good practice
    Section B: Practice Themes Material
  • B1 Loss(general)
  • B2 Bereavement
  • B3 Change and transition
  • B4 Sexuality
  • B5 Race and culture
  • B6 Disability
  • B7 Stress, anxiety, depression
    Appendix 1: Categories of the Forms of Resource Material
    Appendix 2: Examples of Case Material Handouts


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