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The Positive Attitude Development Workshop - General Audience

by Lyle Wildes with Joe Kelly

A complete curriculum to help people maintain emotional well-being in a world of change and adversity.

Full Description:   

Assimilating, Accommodating & Acclimating to Change

A complete curriculum to help people maintain emotional well-being in a world of change and adversity.

We rarely have control over our environment or the changes taking place in our lives. We are bombarded with life’s little (or big) challenges almost daily. So how can we maintain emotional stability during these trying times? How can we prepare ourselves so outside negative influences don’t take over and cause undue stress, anger, depression and even illness?

Lyle Wildes, author of The Positive Attitude Development Workbook, knows this kind of adversity caused by reaction to change. Lyle served 20 years in correctional institutions for drug dealing. Finding himself behind a locked prison fence with no way to influence the outside world, he felt everything in his life would be okay if things outside, like other people and events, changed. If others did what he thought they should, his stress would dissipate and peace would descend. He was furious because those external stressors weren’t changing the way he wanted. His heart rate was racing out of control and he was at risk of dying.

It was at this point that a fellow inmate asked Lyle to attend a class on positive attitude development. Wondering how this class could possibly help inmates accept the major changes and lack of control in their lives, Lyle began studying about the connection between change and attitude. He became an avid reader and a true believer in the process. For the next 18 years Lyle re-worked and taught Positive Attitude Development to hundreds of inmates. He taught them that the process of accepting change begins with one’s attitude and the texture and quality of one’s attitude determines the type of life we build for ourselves, even in such an extreme situation as life within the federal prison system.

Change is inevitable. Every day we are asked to respond to changes over which we have no control. Some are relatively insignificant such as a detour on your route home, adapting to a new co-worker, changing dentists, adjusting to your spouses’ new hobby. Others are much more significant such as loss of a job, death of a loved one, onset of a disease, abusiveness, or loss of significant income. Prepare yourself for all of these changes, big or small. When you’re on top of managing your emotions you will be happier, healthier and more productive.

This workbook is filled with lessons that will change the participant’s outlook and equip him/her to deal more effectively with the never-ending change in their life. The lessons can be self-administered or led by a group facilitator.

104 pages 8 1/2"x11"

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