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Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions through Everyday Transitions
Small Changes - Big Challenges
by John Smith, Jane Donlan and Bob Smith

Full Description:   

Facing any type of change can cause confusion and anxiety for individuals with autism spectrum conditions. This book looks at the small transitions in everyday life that can be a big deal for a child with autism and offers simple and effective strategies to make change less of a daily challenge. Explaining why seemingly minor changes to routine can be emotionally distressing for children with autism, this book teaches parents practical solutions for coping with common transitions including switching from a weekday to weekend schedule, the changing of the seasons, and sleeping in a different bed when on holiday. With insights from the authors' personal experiences and helpful scripts, signs and sketches to use along the way, this book shows that with a bit of thought and preparation parents can reduce the stress surrounding change for their child and the whole family.

This book is the perfect tool to help children with autism deal with change in a calmer and more confident manner and will be essential reading for parents and any professionals working alongside them.

March 2012, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 192pp

Introduction. Section 1: Issues Related to Change. 1. Autism/Asperger Syndrome: A Brief Overview. 2. Change. 3. Emotions. 4. Sensory Overload. Section 2: Examples of Times of Change and How to Use the Transition Techniques at these Times. 5. Weekends. 6. Vacations /Holidays. 7. Public Holidays and Festivals. 8. Other Examples of Times of Change. Section 3: Additional Techniques/Strategies to Use at Times of Change and with Autism in General. 9. Useful Tools to Use with Change: Scripts, Signs and Sketches. 10. General Advice. 11. Conclusion. Useful Resources.

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