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Block the Bully Cycleâ„¢


This game is game designed to prevent violence and bullying.

Full Description:   

Block the Bully Cycle™ is a game designed to prevent violence and bullying. Players learn how bullying is frequently unintentionally reinforced by bystanders who laugh at mean jokes, confer social status to bullies, or simply stand by and let bullying happen. If bystanders are present during the bullying, or learn about it before or after, they can refuse to give the bully the status, popularity, and power that he/she is looking for, and bullying ceases to be a useful tool for the “bully” to achieve his/her goals. Students will learn practical skills that they can use if they are:

  • a target of bullying who wants non-violent skills for stopping bullying.
  • a bystander who wants to discourage bullying.
  • a former bully who wants to gain popularity without resorting to bullying.
In the game, players pick “Situation” cards that describe typical high school bullying situations. Players then earn play money by giving advice to targets (intended victims), bystanders who are present during the bullying, bystanders who are not present but learn of the bullying beforehand or later on, and the bullies, themselves. Block the Bully Cycle™ intentionally avoids putting players in the role either of the intended victim or the bully, avoiding embarrassment and defensiveness. The situations in the game are typical of situations encountered on the high school level, including physical aggression, social isolation, teasing, harassment, and dating situations.

The game gives guidelines concerning when it is appropriate to go to a trusted adult for help, such as in cases where students contemplate violence against themselves or others.
Grades 8 - adult

SCANS Skills Addressed:

Foundation Skills: Thinking Skills, Personal Qualities, Basic Skills
Workplace Competencies: Interpersonal Skills, Systems

Learning Objectives:

1. Players learn that all students can work to prevent bullying, whether
they are in the role of the target, the bystander, or the bully.

2. Players learn non-violent skills that they can use as a target to fend off bullying.

3. Players learn skills that bystanders can use to discourage bullying.

4. Players learn positive skills that they can use to achieve popularity without resorting to bullying.

5. Players learn to identify the goals of the bullies in the typical situations encountered in the

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