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Treasure Chest of Group Activities

by Dianne Schilling * Susanna Palomares * Cathy Winch

This book focuses on “lost treasures” such as the essential components of physical, emotional, and social development of a child.

Full Description:   

The title of this program is a strong indication of the valuable “treasures” enclosed within the 350 content pages! It is a collection of group activities designed for counselors in assisting children foster development in three critical areas of human functioning: awareness, social competency, and mastery. This book focuses on “lost treasures” such as the essential components of physical, emotional, and social development of a child.

Treasure Chest comprises group activities, covering these vital areas:

  • Life Skills — help students build independence, social competence, and interpersonal versatility. These activities teach students about effective communication, assertive response, nurtured friendships, time management, problem solving, and productive teamwork.
  • Learning Strategies — help students acquire personal habits that enhance school performance. These activities focus on developing effective study skills, self-management techniques, stress management, brain functioning, and nutrition.
  • Health and Wellness — helps students deal with creating a safe environment for themselves, responding to crisis, and combating childhood obesity. These activities address emotional balance, nutrition, exercise, stress management, fear, grief, unwelcome touching, safety, refusal skills, smoking, and effects of watching television.
  • Emotional Intelligence — helps students build self-awareness, self-esteem, recognition, and acceptance of feelings, healthy self-talk, and peer inclusion and cooperation.
  • Diversity — helps students broaden their knowledge of cultural diversity and learn to embrace natural differences. These activities directly examine cultural heritage, discrimination, disabilities, stereotypes, prejudice, and the attitudes and values needed to promote tolerance.
  • Conflict Management — helps students learn and utilize the processes and strategies involved in controlling conflicts. These activities address various causes of conflict, empathy development, anger management, self-control, and bullying.
  • Character — helps students deal with classroom rules, current events, cheating, lying, and moral dilemmas. These activities focus on the universal moral values such as fairness, friendship, responsibility, truthfulness, promise-keeping, service, courage, environmentalism, respect and citizenship.
  • Careers — helps students assess their career interests. These activities assist students in investigating local businesses, surveying occupations, practicing job-search skills and teamwork, and tracing career paths of people in the community. Activities can be tailored to suit the ages, ability levels, cultural/ethnic backgrounds and interests of the students.

COMPLETE TREASURE CHEST KIT INCLUDES: 350 Content Pages with 8 Tabs, all Shrink-wrapped and Enclosed in a Fun “Treasure Chest” Box.

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