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Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy DVD

by Natalie Rogers, PhD

Natalie Rogers tells us that to experience empathy is to understand what a powerful experience it is.

Full Description:   

Watch Natalie Rogers masterfully integrate expressive arts with a client-focused approach in an actual therapy session in this 3-part video.

Natalie Rogers tells us that to experience empathy is to understand what a powerful experience it is. Combining the person-centered philosophy of her father and the expressive arts background from her mother, Rogers uses artwork to allow her clients to go beyond words, and provides an environment that allows each individual to tap into his or her inner resources and full potential. In this video, Rogers works with a client who feels torn between her responsibilities as a stay at home mother and her desire for independence. Rogers helps her to express this conflict through drawing, allowing the client to begin exploring what she wants out of her life and who she wants to become. Jon Carlson and Diane Kjos introduce Rogers and facilitate a discussion on the approach.

    By watching this counseling video, you'll be able to: Discuss the essential elements of a person-centered expressive arts approach including deep listening, empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard, and the use of color and movement to explore inner resources, desires and conflicts.
  • Describe Rogers' therapy style and how she helps her client move into a deeper understanding of herself by providing the environment to do so.
  • Integrate a client-focused expressive-arts approach into your own therapeutic work with clients.

DVD 1 hrs. 59 min. With English Subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers.

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